4. Medicare Right to Reimbursement


Where CMS makes a conditional payment, and a primary plan is determined to be responsible, the reimbursement of the Medicare Trust is mandatory. FN 1. Sounds simple enough, but below is the CMS description of the process:

Recovery Process

Determining the scope and limitations of the MSP right to reimbursement is where the action is, and we will explore this below. A word of caution, however. It is much more than a lien. FN 2. Medicare has been granted what has been called a “primary right of reimbursement”, which allows it to seek reimbursement from a wide range of persons involved with a personal injury claim, including the parties, the lawyers, the insurers and the medical providers. Almost everyone has a stake in complying with the MSP, and in this situation ignorance is the opposite of bliss.

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